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You don't always need soil to grow a tomato or any fruiting plant for that matter.

Soil is just a medium that makes nutrients, minerals, water and oxygen available to a growing plant. Hydroponics uses water instead of soil.

Because seeds can't be planted directly into the water each seed needs to be planted in a growing medium that is placed in a net pot.

Plants still need water to grow so each net pot is secured in a lid to a container filled with filtered fertilized water to the point where the water touches the growing medium. 

Add a bit of shade and a solar-powered air pump to give the plant everything else it needs and in a month you're ready to eat.

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Our Goal

Help Every Family

Lack of land, proper growing soil, and high tides have made growing food on Kiribati next to impossible

People are not eating healthy foods. Because they cannot grow their own they rely heavily on imported processed food.

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Live Healthier 

Improving Quality of Life

We aim to help every family on Kiribati take care of themselves, their families, and their future.

Hydroponics diversifies the fresh foods that are available on Pacific islands as well as decreases the cost of healthy fruits and vegetables so every family can access them.

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