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They live both in and out of ocean water


Mangrove trees protect against hurricanes and tsunamis better than anything made by man

Mangroves are one of the most important ecosystems in the world. They anchor shorelines while protecting the living coral reefs. I-Kiribati used their wood to purify water and cook meals leading to a lack or these great climate change combatants.

Climate change is affecting Kiribati

Large tides called King Tides have been swelling higher and higher over the years and erode the islands' soil leading to Kiribati slowly eroding into the ocean

Some have predicted that Kiribati will be gone in fifty years if nothing changes. Te Maeu Projects is pairing with villages to replant Mangrove forests every week. The People of Kiribati feel the responsibility to look after their lands for the generations to come. 

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A Solution

Mangroves provide an excellent solution

The issues posed by climate change are reduced by mangroves.

Contact your local authorities for environment and sustainability to be taught planting methods and find appropriate mangrove planting areas.

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Plant to Save

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